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Gallery Exhibition

Invite Closed

You may still submit if you have not done so already, but keep in mind the chances of getting in the show are greatly decreased.

Last Day To Submit: August 10th*

Opening Reception: Monday, August 27th*

Link to Facebook Event Page

Precocious Dreams:

Submit your work to be featured in an upcoming art show at your local Common Grounds, located at 343 E High Street in Lexington, KY. 2018 is quickly passing; we aim to showcase some of the wonderful and diverse art that has been created in and around Lexington within the last year.

Common Grounds has been so gracious as to accommodate such a show supporting local artists. Opening reception will be held on Monday, August 27th, from 5pm-7pm. Open Mic Night at Common Grounds starts at 7pm, so feel free to stick around, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy the variety of performances that rarely disappoint. The stage will be open for poetry readings, live music, comedy acts, and just about anything else you could think of; any and all are welcome to participate. If you are unable to attend the opening night, you can still come and view it later on, as the art will be hanging for two weeks* after the opening. Participants will be responsible for picking up their piece after the closing reception.

Artwork of all types are welcome to be submitted, but due to limited space, it is recommended to only submit small to medium sized works that can be hung on a wire hook. Should you need any special accommodation, please contact me here, or email me at

Due to the show being displayed in a public family-friendly coffee shop, all art must be SFW. Absolutely NO NUDITY OR VULGARITY WILL BE CONSIDERED.

Any questions, please contact me here, or you can email me at


Please submit up to 5 pieces (jpg or png) along with your name and email. Please include the title of your piece in the filename, then list the title, dimensions (in inches), and pricing of each piece in the short answer section.

Selection Process:

Selections will firstly be reviewed by myself (Eric Charles) and Cassie Payne. Then they will need to be approved by Common Grounds before they can be exhibited. The selection process will begin after the submission deadline and those selected will be notified by email the following week with further instruction.

Summary: (Un)Common is an art show at Common Grounds in Lexington, KY (343 East High Street). Opening reception will be held Monday, August 27th, at 5pm. Submit your work via the link below for the chance to be featured (submission deadline is August 10th).

*submission, reception, and length of the show are all subject to change. Any changes will be pushed and noted here. By submitting your work, you agree to respect the drop off and pick up deadlines that will be outlined to you in an email if you are selected. Neither Common Grounds nor myself/Cassie are responsible for any theft/damages inflicted on the art to be displayed.

Problem with the site? Please send me an email so that I can fix it!

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