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Username: EricCharles

I'm also on YouTube!

YouTube Playlist + Reel: Eric Charles

Binauralive: Binauralive - Live binaural performances

Om Vapors: Om Vapors

Everything Rocks Masonry: Everything Rocks

Type Blue (band): Type Blue


Link: GitHub


Link: GitHub

GitHub Repository:

Link: GitHub


Link: RedBubble

Other sites that I have worked on:

I update this site regularly, so check back every so often to get your art fix!

Please contact me if you need a photographer, videographer, someone to help you build a website, design a business card, poster, or flyer. You or your business need a special part made? I can help with that too; I can create perfect 3D models to fit your needs that can be printed in everything from plastic, aluminum, and cast iron, to more precious metals, such as gold and platinum.

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Problem with the site? Please send me an email so that I can fix it!

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